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CDNA.pngOriGene has accelerated gene function discovery with over 1 million cDNA clones. Our collection has been recognized not only for its broad coverage but more importantly, its high quality and convenience. All OriGene clones are expression-validated and arrive as transfection-ready DNA. In addition, lentiviral plasmid and particles are offered for difficult to transfect cells.


Why Use OriGene's Clones?
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Human / Mouse/ Rat/ Virus

  • Transfection-ready DNA: 10ug provided

  • Flexible Shuttling: Over 100 expression vectors

  • Proven to work: OriGene's clones have been successfully cited in Nature, Cell, and more! (view citations)


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Product Highlight


OriGene's p53 (TP53) (NM_000546) Human Tagged ORF Clone has been successfully cited with an overall rating of 93/100 from customers. OriGene has been providing high quality clones for over 25 years and continues to focus on the integrity of our clones to provide researchers with only the best.






Overexpression cell lysates are prepared from HEK293T cells transfected with RC200003 using transfection reagent MegaTran 2.0 (Cat# TT210002).


Are you still struggling to produce overexpression stable cell lines? Explore our custom service!




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