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OriGene社 Follow up: Learn more about KRAS gene delivery using AAV vectors



KRAS.pngOriGene offers superior AAV packaging services for all projects, large and small. AAVs have emerged as one of the most effective vehicles for gene therapy due to their transduction efficiency, non-pathogenicity, and low immunogenicity.


We are dedicated to not only meeting, but exceeding the needs of our customers while maintaining competitive pricing. If you are interested in tissue-specific gene delivery of KRAS mutants, consider utilizing our AAV packaging service or AAV vectors and control particles. Additionally, we offer a broad selection of antibodies against multiple AAV targets.



Why Should I use AAV?
  • No immune responses in vivo
  • Broad tropism
  • No genome integration
  • Ability to transduce both proliferating and quiescent cells
  • Long-term expression in non-dividing cells



Product Highlight


OriGene's pAAV-AC-Myc-DDK AAV Gene Expression Vector has already been successfully cited with an overall rating of 9/10 from customers. OriGene provides high quality viral vectors and continues to focus on the integrity of our vectors to provide researchers with only the best.



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