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OriGene社 Interested in cDNA clones? Take advantage of our custom cloning services




Custom Cloning Services:

With over 25 years of experience, OriGene can provide excellent service no matter where you are in the cloning workflow. 


Clone Modification

3 ways to customize an OriGene clone



  • Subcloning
  • Mutagenesis
  • Insertion/deletion



ORF Shuttling Service

Shuttle ORF to our Precision Shuttle Vectors in 3 steps


  • Choose the SKU with your ORF in Entry Vector
  • Select a destination vector
  • Submit request

Gene Synthesis

Clone your sequence into an OriGene vector in 3 steps


  • Submit your sequence 
  • Select an OriGene vector 
  • Submit request





With more than 500,000 different cDNA clones across human, mouse, rat, and virus genomes, OriGene provides fast service of subcloning or mutagenesis on any OriGene clone.


OriGene has over 110 cloning vectors with a variety of tags including epitope tags, fluorescent tags, no tag, or mammalian selection markers. We offer regular mammalian expression vectors, lentiviral vectors, AAV vectors or bacterial expression vectors.


Popular Tags, Selection Markers, and Promoters

    • Epitope tags: Flag, HA, His, Myc, FC, GST
    • Fluorescent tags: GFP, RFP, BFP, YFP, Cyan, Far-red
    • Mammalian selection markers: neomycin, puromycin, blasticidin, hygromycin
    • Promoters: CMV, EF1α



Product Highlight:

Custom Clone Sets


For high-throughput screening (HTS) and pathway studies, clone quality and ease of use is of utmost importance. Create your own clone sets by selecting from the pre-selected pathway list and customizing it to meet your needs.  We make things easy, so you can focus on the research!




Human transcription factors clone set II, containing 90 cDNA clones in mammalian expression vector.



Why use OriGene clone sets? 


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