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Empower your research


Your time is valuable; the key to your next big discovery lies in high-quality research tools and expert technical support to help you get meaningful, reproducible results. Check out the ebook on antibody design to help you propel your research forward.

Download_the_ebook.PNGLearning Resources:  OriGene has prepared a variety of hands-on educational material for you. Designed to empower your research.  Learn more.

Spatial_and_Temporal_Genomics_in_Cancer_Research.pngWatch our latest webinar on Spatial and temporal genomics  Working_of_a_Tet_On_System.gifLearn more about our Tet-On system and our vector shuttling service here 
Custom_Protein_Service.gifUnable to find what you are looking for? check our custom protein service. We offer a complete service: from clone to antibody development Antibody_Specificity.gifAntibody specificity is a significant challenge, especially for antibodies used in diagnostics, watch our video and learn about antibody specificity

Product of the Month: Cytosection

Cytosection offers a verified, reproducible, and renewable source of positive/negative controls where the expression of the target biomarker is confirmed for accuracy & specificity by an immunoassay.


Vector Shuttling Service

Now shuttle your clone into an inducible vector. Learn more here

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