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OriGene社 New Study on TP53 Upregulation in Cancer Therapy!


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The upregulation of TP53 has been shown to promote p53-induced apoptosis and growth arrest in various tumor types. A recent study by Tripathi et al., noted that the use of Anthraquinone, a common anticancer agent used in therapeutics, upregulates p53 by inhibiting MDM2 in both cell cultures and animal models with leukemia. 


In another study by Wu et al., OriGene's P53 Lenti-ORF plasmid (RC225604L1) was used to upregulate P53 expression in glioma U-118 MG and A172 cells. The study aimed to investigate the interactions between P53 and RAD18 and their effects on radiation therapy. Upregulation of P53 was found to weaken the role of RAD18 upregulation and enhance the effects of radiation on cell inhibition and apoptosis promotion. Click here to read the full paper.


It is well known that p53 plays an important role in cancer therapy but additional research is needed to uncover the power of manipulating P53 expression.

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