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OriGene社 One challenge very new antibody developer faces!







Verified Controls= Confident Results with OEL controls


Every new antibody developer faces this challenge!


Lack of appropriate verified controls for applications such as antibody screening and assay development often results in inaccurate data interpretation resulting loss of time and precious samples. Using a verified positive control not only ensures that results are interpreted correctly but also makes trouble shooting quick and efficient.

OriGene's OEL (Overexpression lysates) controls are human cells lysates over-expressing target proteins whose expression is verified by western blot (see below). OriGene offers 20,000 cell lysates of full length human proteins expressed in HEK293T cells.

5 reasons why scientists love OEL controls


  • Full-length proteins overexpressed in HEK293 cells resulting in behavior closer to natural in-vivo conditions
  • The use of full-length proteins as immunogen increases the probability of finding an antibody that binds to proteins in the native state especially in IHC, IF and flow-based assays.
  • Target expression verified by western blot, no need to reverify
  • Protein tagged at the C-terminal with myc-DDK tag, another target for detection
  • Available for all human and mouse proteins


Learn more! Watch this video on OEL controls.




Find out how an OEL control is used for validating antibodies

ERCC1 mouse mAb (TA501182) validated by western blot using OEL control LY419605




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