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OriGene社 Over-Expression Cell Lysate: Ideal Positive Control




Over-Expression Cell Lysate: An Ideal Control

Getting a well characterized positive control is challenging especially when you are working on a unique protein that is not commonly expressed. 

OriGene's over-expression cells lysate collection includes 20,000 cell lysates of full length human proteins expressed in HEK293T cells.

Key features

  • C-Terminal myc-DDK tag
    • Dual detection: Can be detected by both anti-myc-DDK and target antibody
    • An efficient handle for protein purification
  • Expressed in HEK293T: Protein behavior very close to natural in-vivo conditions
  • Characterized: Protein expression confirmed by Western Blot.  Watch this video!


  • Antibody Validation 
  • Protein functional Assay
  • Immuno-precipitation, protein-protein interaction

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List of popular over-expression cell lysates

Why expression hosts selection is critical for recombinant  protein synthesis?

One of the challenges of studying  a protein is to get a large quantities that close to the native protein.  Proteins expressed in  human cells such as HEK293  demonstrate

  • Preservation of protein structure, post translational modifications, & functions
  • Ideal for antibody production
  • Studying protein-protein interaction

Learn more from this short video on 'Expression Hosts for Recombinant Proteins'.

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