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Research tools for Th17 differentiation


Th17 cells, characterized by the secretion of IL-17, are a subset of CD4+T cells that promote a cell-mediated immune response against extracellular pathogens. Various cytokines, including IL6, IL23, and TGF-beta, determine the differentiation of Th17 cells from naive CD4+ T-cells. Which other genes are involved in T-helper differentiation?  Download the pathway poster here»

Cytokines for Th17 differentiation


Studies have shown that Th17 cells in humans differ from mice. In mice, Th17 differentiation is more dependent on IL-6 and TGF-B, whereas, in humans, IL-1B plays a crucial role and not TGF-B.


OriGene offers a range of tools to analyze Th17 differentiation here

IL-6 IL-1B TGF-B IL-23

Th17 Antibody Panel- (now customizable)


Both mice and human Th17 cells are identified by CD3, CD4, and CD161 markers. We have created an antibody panel for multi-target analysis of Th17 cells. Markers included: CD3e, CD4, CD161, CTSL

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IHC and IF staining with Th17 differentiation markers
Th17_differentiation_3.pngAnti-CD3e Th17_differentiation_4.pngAnti-CD4 Th17_differentiation_5.pngAnti-CD161


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