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Using non-validated clones can result in inaccurate or absent expression. Don't waste your time and valuable resources. TrueORF Gold is OriGene's collection of premium cDNA clones that have passed the ultimate tests: expression validation & sequence verification. Order a TrueORF Gold clone and start your experiment today.


  • Expression-Validated
  • Sequence Verified
  • Transfection Ready
  • Easily Shuttled to 100+ vectors
  • Next Day Shipping




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Expression plasmids play a significant role in gene function studies. TrueORF Gold is the leading class of cDNA clones for protein expression!



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OriGene's KRAS (NM_004985) Human Tagged TrueORF Gold Clone has been cited in multiple journals such as Cancer Cell, World Neurosurgery, Oncogene and more! With a Bioz Star rating of 91/100, researchers trust OriGene to provide high-quality and effective cDNA clones for protein expression. Get this clone ASAP with next day shipping!


Validation of overexpression lysate using anti-DDK antibody. Cell lysates from HEK293T cells were transfected with RC201958 (KRAS). 

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