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OriGene社 Think your antibody is specific? Look at this anti-HER2 Ab data.



Think your antibody is specific! Read this story on anti-HER2 antibody-clone 4B5

Anti-HER2 antibody clone 4B5 is used to determine the HER2 status in breast cancer patients before anti-HER2 therapy, hence antibody specificity is critical.  Using high-density microarray, we have shown that antibody clone 4B5 reacts not only reacts with HER2 but also with ZSCAN1B and HER4. See the cross reactivity data of clone 4B5. 
OriGene applied high-density protein microarray screening strategy to develop ultra specific antibodies for cancer biomarkers and other critical targets called UltraMAB. Learn more...
Watch the UltraMAB video!
How can you validate the specificity of your antibody? Use the 10K or 17K high-density protein microarray  to test the specificity of your antibody.  In addition you can use the same array to screen for targets for your unknown antibody or small molecule.  Learn more about UltraMAB antibody specificity

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