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OriGene社 Update on clinical trials using IDO1-inhibitors in cancer treatments

IDO1: A notorious enzyme that aids in cancer immuneescape

IDO1, also known as Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase 1, encodes a heme enzyme involved in the oxidation of L-Tryptophan in the kynurenine (Kyn) pathway. The Kyn pathway is associated with immunosuppression and increased levels of IDO1 in the tumor microenvironment have been shown to weaken anti-tumor responses. Overexpression of IDO1 is commonly associated with poor prognosis in a variety of cancers including breast cancer, colorectal cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, esophageal cancer, and many others. IDO1 inhibitors have been developed in an attempt to prevent cancer immune escape and many are undergoing clinical trials. Tang et. al. publication gives an interesting overview of the current IDO1 inhibitors and their clinical trial results thus far.


IDO1 inhibitors have proven to be a promising therapeutic option that can be used in conjunction with chemotherapy and other cancer treatment methods. More research is needed on IDO1 and its intracellular interactions to minimize potential side effects and increase the efficacy of inhibitors. 




RC206592.png UM500091.png KN508091.png


IDO1 (NM_002164) Human Tagged ORF Clone


IDO1 mouse monoclonal antibody, clone UMAB126


IDO1 Mouse Gene Knockout Kit (CRISPR)


Product Highlight

OriGene's IDO1 (NM_002164) Human Tagged ORF Clone Lentiviral Particle (as seen on the right) is manufactured by our lentiviral specialists using our pLenti-C-Myc-DDK Lentiviral Gene Expression Vector. This vector, along with other OriGene vectors, has been successfully cited over 100 times and has a Bioz Star rating of 99/100.


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