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OriGene社 Why NKG2 is being studied?




Why there is an increasing interest in NKG2 protein family?


Natural killer (NK) cells are innate lymphocytes that mediate lysis of tumor cells with NKG2D receptor.  MICA/B are NKG2D ligands downregulated in tumor cells via interesting mechanisms such as cleavage of extracellular domains by surface proteases.  MICA/B proteins are upregulated in multiple cancers in response to cellular stress pathways associated with malignant transformation such as DNA damage and accumulation of misfolded proteins.  Ability to restore NKG2D-mediated destruction of cancer cells is a critical immunotherapy strategy.  Read this interesting review


How can you analyze NKG2D proteins and its ligand MICA/B  gene family and proteins? Click below for tools to analyze




In addition to proteins and clones, OriGene offers  a range antibodies (TrueMAB)  to analyze NKG2D and its ligands. For list of antibodies, click here.


                             Anti-NKG2D      Anti-MICA       Anti-MICB


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