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HSD17B: Overview & Research Tools

17β-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase's (HSD17Bs) are a family of enzymes involved in metabolism of sex hormones, cholesterol and fatty acids. Studies have shown that deficiency in the enzymes is not only associated with multiple cancers but also with diseases such as endometriosis and more(1,2,3).  Key tools for the analysis includes purified bio-active HSD17B and antibodies.  Learn more about tools for HSD17B research.  


HSD17B13 is a unique liver-specific lipid droplet associated protein found in humans.  Higher levels of HSD17B is associated with accumulation of fatty acid in the liver which is a common occurrence in advanced liver diseases such as NASH and NAFLD.  How will you develop an assay for HSD17B13? Learn more about bioactive HSD17B13.  

Which other genes are involved in NAFLD and NASH?  Get the list of genes involved in liver diseases.  

HSD17B2 is involved in inactivation of oesterogen & androgen, thus serving as a critical regulator of intracellular active sex steroids.  Decrease in expression levels of HSD17B2 is a frequent feature in NSCLC. Studies also suggest that HSD17B might be an independent prognostic factor for NSCLC.  Download paper.

Other bioactive proteins offered by OriGene:  HSD17B4, HSD17B10

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