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PBL Assay Science社 Human IFN Alpha Multi-Subtype ELISA Kit

高感度にすべてのサブタイプを測定可能なIFN-α ELISAキット












• Low picogram range detection of ALL human IFN-α subtypes
• Optimized for human autoimmune serum and plasma samples
• Assay standard range of 1.95 - 125 pg/ml in serum, plasma & TCM
• Reproducible results with < 10% inter- and < 8% intra-assay CVs



PBL’s VeriKine-HS Human Interferon Alpha All Subtype ELISA (Catalog No. 41115) equips you with a consistent, high sensitivity tool for accurately detecting ALL human IFN-α subtypes. Featuring robust matrix tolerance, including disease sera, normal serum/plasma and TCM, this immunoassay provides global IFN measurement and high data reproducibility. With purified, recombinant human IFN-2α provided as the standard, this kit is the most sensitive ELISA on the market for human IFN alpha detection.



Figure 1. LLOQ and LLOD in Normal Human Serum (NHS)


Lower Limit of Quantitation (LLOQ) and Lower Limit of Detection (LLOD) for 41115









Product Information

Product No. 41115
Description Human IFN Alpha All Subtype ELISA, High Sensitivity
Size 1 x 96-well plate (41115-1)
5 x 96-well plate (41115-2)
Compatibility Serum, Plasma, Tissue Culture Media (TCM)
Assay Range  1.95 - 125 pg/ml
Specificity Cross-reacts with cynomolgus/rhesus IFN-α
No cross-reactivity detected with: Human IFN-β, γ, ω
Mouse IFN-α, β, γ
Rat IFN-α, β, γ
Bovine IFN-τ



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