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Mouse Interferon Reagents and ELISAs



Product Features:
• High quality recombinant proteins for research
• Antibodies validated for biological assay use
• ELISAs for immunological assay development


As the drug discovery process shifts toward specifically targeted pathways and molecules, model systems continue to increase in importance. The ease of use and versatility of mouse models in the study of human cancer, infectious disease and autoimmunity provides understanding into the etiology of these diseases. Data obtained from studies using mouse models can provide insight into potential clinical side effects and the pathology of diseases.


PBL Assay Science provides a comprehensive mouse product line manufactured to the highest standards of quality, consistency and purity. PBL’s products are designed to meet your scientific needs by providing superior quality and  performance to ensure reliable and reproducible results.




Ordering Information

Interferons Catalog No.  Product Description Size 
• Recombinant proteins
derived from bacterial or
mammalian cells
• Consistent performance and
biological activity
• > 95% purity
• Multiple alpha
subtypes available
• Endotoxin level < 1 EU/mg
• Suitable for use in a range of
applications such as ELISAs
and cytopathic effect assays
12100-1 Mouse-IFN-Alpha A 1x105 U
12105-1 Mouse-IFN-Alpha 1 1x105 U
12115-1 Mouse-IFN-Alpha 4, Mammalian  1x105 U
12125-1 Mouse-IFN-Alpha 11  1x105 U
12130-1 Mouse-IFN-Alpha 13 1x105 U
12295-1 Mouse Limitin  10 μg
12400-1  Mouse-IFN-Beta  1x105 U
12401-1 Mouse-IFN-Beta (Carrier-Free)  1x105 U
12405-1  Mouse-IFN-Beta, Mammalian  1x105 U
12410-1  Mouse IFN-Beta, Mammalian (Carrier-Free) 1x106 U
12820-1  Mouse-Interleukin-28b/IFN-Lambda 3  25 μg
12821-1  Mouse-Interleukin-28b/IFN-Lambda 3 (Carrier-Free)  25 μg



Antibodies Catalog No.  Product Description Size 
• High specificity
• Monoclonal antibodies have
greater than 95% purity
• Suitable for use in a range of
applications such as ELISAs,
neutralization, flow cytometry
and western blotting
22100-1 Anti-Mouse-IFN-Alpha, Clone RMMA-1 (MAb) 250 μg
22100-3 FITC Conjugated Anti-Mouse-IFN-Alpha, Clone RMMA-1 (MAb) 25 μg
22400-1 Anti-Mouse-IFN-Beta, Clone RMMB-1 (MAb)  250 μg
22400-3 FITC Conjugated Anti-Mouse-IFN-Beta, Clone RMMB-1 (MAb)  25 μg
22500-1 Anti-Mouse-IFN-Gamma, Clone RMMG-1 (MAb) 500 μg
32100-1 Anti-Mouse-IFN-Alpha, Rabbit Serum (PAb)  2x104 U
32120-1 Anti-Mouse-IFN-Alpha, Chicken IgY, Purified (PAb)  500 μg
32400-1 Anti-Mouse-IFN-Beta, Rabbit Serum (PAb)  2x104 U
32401-1  Anti-Mouse-IFN-Beta, Rabbit IgG, Protein A Purified (PAb) 2x104 U
32500-1   Anti-Mouse-IFN-Gamma, Rabbit Serum (PAb) 2x104 U



ELISAs Catalog No.  Product Description Size 
• Mouse Alpha ELISA can detect
all alpha subtypes thereby
providing global interferon
alpha measurement
• < 10% inter- and intra-assay CVs
42120-1 VeriKineTM Mouse IFN-Alpha ELISA Kit 1 plate
42120-2 VeriKineTM Mouse IFN-Alpha ELISA Kit 5 plate
42400-1 VeriKineTM Mouse IFN-Beta ELISA Kit  1 plate
42400-2 VeriKineTM Mouse IFN-Beta ELISA Kit 5 plate
62830-1  VeriKine-DIY TM Mouse-Interleukin-28b/IFN-Lambda 2/3 ELISA Kit  1 plate




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