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PBL Assay Science社 VeriKine-HS™ Mouse Interferon-β Serum ELISA

マウス Interferon-βを高感度に検出可能!









VeriKine-HS™ Mouse Interferon-β Serum ELISA


Product Features and Benefits:
• Quantifies low level mouse IFN-β in serum, plasma and tissue culture media with an assay range of 0.94 - 60 pg/ml
• Reliable serum and plasma spike recoveries of >90%
• Provides reproducible results with <10% CV
• Total assay time of ~2 hours


Representative Standard Curve (including Competitor Kit performance using Competitor Kit Diluent)


PBL’s 96-well ELISA kit will equip you with the most sensitive and consistent tool for accurately measuring Mouse IFN-β in serum and plasma matrices. Purified, recombinant mouse IFN-β expressed in mammalian cells is provided as the standard. The sensitivity provided by this kit will advance your mouse studies and help uncover insights into the pathology of diseases.

Note: Competitor data obtained from public source, provided for comparison only.


Precision and Recovery in CD-1 Mouse Serum

Concentration 2.5 pg/ml 10 pg/ml 50 pg/ml
Intra-Assay CV (n=24) 5.70% 5.50% 5.50%
Inter-Assay CV (n=9) 8.30% 6.30% 4.80%
Average Recovery (n=27) 98% 92% 94%



Comparison of ELISA Reactivity of Mammalian- & E.coli-Expressed Mu IFN-β


The versatility of mouse models lends their use in a number of disease and autoimmunity studies. Interferon β plays a pivotal role in the protective response to many infections and diseases due to its antiviral, anti-proliferative, anti-inflammatory and immune-modulatory activities, and is an important early product of TLR/RLR stimulation.


Product Information:

Catalog Number 42410-1, 42410-2
Description VeriKine-HSTM Mouse Interferon Beta Serum ELISA
Compatibility Serum, Plasma, Tissue Culture Media
Package Size 1 x 96-well plate, 5 x 96-well plate
Assay Range 0.94 - 60 pg/ml



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