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PBL Assay Science社 VeriKineTM Human Interferon Alpha/Beta Receptor2 ELISA

ヒト IFNAR2 を高感度かつ高い特異性で検出可能!










VeriKine™ Human Interferon Alpha/Beta Receptor 2 ELISA Kit

 Product Features and Benefits:

• Provides high sensitivity & excellent specificity for detection to < 5 pg/ml
• Compatible with serum, plasma, cell lysate and cell culture supernatant
• Able to measure the membrane-bound form of IFNAR2 in cell lysates
• No significant cross-reactivity with Human IFNAR1 and analogues
• < 10% inter- and intra-assay CVs
• Conserve high value specimens with low sample requirements (1:100 dilutions of Normal Human Serum (NHS) and Plasma)




This universal ligand-binding receptor for human interferons alpha and beta (Type I IFNs) is directly involved in signal transduction. The receptor is a heterodimer of IFNAR1 and IFNAR2. The IFNAR2 subunit exists in three isoforms, two membrane-bound and one soluble. The soluble isoform has been detected in serum and urine and is reported to be elevated in serum from cancer and autoimmune disease patients. The ability to measure sIFNAR2 in serum can improve understanding of the regulation of the immunomodulatory effects of interferons and perhaps how interferon-based therapies contribute to soluble receptor levels.

The Human Interferon Alpha/Beta Receptor 2 ELISA has been developed to detect and quantitate levels of IFNAR2 to < 5 pg/ml. This new assay provides a novel way to measure human IFNAR2 and will allow scientists to deepen their understanding of interferon-based treatments.


IFNAR2a spike recoveries.jpg



Product Information:

Catalog Number 41385-1
Description VeriKineTM Human Interferon Alpha/Beta Receptor 2 ELISA
Compatibility Serum, Plasma, Cell Culture Supernatant, Cell Lysate
Package Size 1 x 96-well plate
Assay Range 3.1 - 200 pg/ml



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