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Plant Cell Technology社 PCT's Square Culture Vessel Packs

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PCT's Square Culture

Vessel Packs

Specially designed autoclavable container

to hold plant tissue culture media and cells.

These vessels are made from high quality,

optically clear materials and are designed

to provide an optimal environment for plant

cell growth and division.

Comparable to the GA-7 Magenta Boxes.


PCT Square Culture Vessele Packs.PNG

Featured Highlights

l    Autoclavable, Reusable, and Lightweight

l    Transparent vessel

l    Polycarbonate Body, Polypropylene Cover

l    200 ml Capacity

l    Stackable for easy storage


The Benefits

l    Easy to use

l    Provide an optimal environment for plant cell growth and division.

l    Designed from high-quality and optically transparent materials, these vessels can be autoclaved and

used repeatedly in your tissue culture experiments.

How to Use PCT's Square Culture Vessels

Follow the given steps to prepare the tissue culture media using PCTs supreme grade agar:


l    Prepare liquid tissue culture media using PCTs MS media and add sugar based on the quantity of

media youre making (generally, for 1-liter media, 30 grams of sugar is added). (DO NOT add Agar).

l    Take the GA-7 vessel.

l    Measure 20-30 ml of prepared MS media and dispense it into the GA-7 vessel.

l    After filling the jars, close the lid loosely and autoclave them!


You can also autoclave the vessels separately and dispense the autoclaved media in the vessel later

under a laminar flow hood. But, you will need to do this when the media is hot and not solidified.

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