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Advances in delivery of mRNA by lipid nanoparticles

New research explores the potential of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) for mRNA delivery in vaccines and therapeutics, highlighting advancements in immunogenicity, tissue specificity, and targeted delivery. Studies demonstrate the development of LNPs with improved safety profiles for enhancing immune responses and reducing off-target effects. Exciting innovations in in vivo editing of hematopoietic stem cells offer promising avenues for treating genetic disorders, potentially revolutionizing current treatment approaches.


Our latest advancements

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OligoBuilder® tool

Engineered to expedite the delivery of complex oligonucleotide constructs, including heavily modified sequences—TriLink's specialty—our new OligoBuilder® tool empowers you to get the oligos you need to focus on your research.

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New premade mRNAs

We are excited to announce the availability of six new mRNA constructs – capped with TriLink's best-to-date analog CleanCap® M6 and modified with proven N1-metheylpseudourine – to provide more robust performance.

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