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New look. Same gold standard.

For over two decades, rPeptide continues to supply high quality peptides and reagents to scientists across the world. We strive to provide up-to-date research materials to keep experiments moving forward and pride ourselves with providing you with what you need tomorrow, today. Our proteins are used in a range of applications including Western Blot, SDS Page, and In vivo/In vitro Assays.




Beta Amyloid

rPeptide's recombinant beta-amyloid peptides have been the industry standard for quality and purity for years. Our ultra-pure (>97% purity) beta amyloid products allow reliability and consistency in your research, with the integrity our customers have come to know and trust. rPeptide's proprietary, recombinant technology yields high batch to batch reproducibility that is confirmed by analytical HPLC and mass spectroscopy experiments.



Alpha Synuclein is a major component of Parkinson’s disease aggregates and is implicated in the pathogenesis of related neurodegenerative disorders. As scientists continue to investigate these diseases further, need for dependable and consistent research reagents grows. We are excited to now offer Double Labeled Alpha Synuclein, Fluorescein Labeled, and Preformed Fibrils.




Abnormal mutations, hyperphosphorylation, and aggregation are implicated in several tauopathies associated with the Tau proteins or NFTs. Neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, have been long associated with Tau-related research. Tau is a critical target in understanding the neurodegenerative pathology leading to new treatments, therapeutic discoveries, and diagnostic tools for such diseases.

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