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Santa Cruz Biotechnology社 二次抗体代替品 マウスIgG結合タンパク質










Santa Cruz offers exclusive, high quality and well characterized conjugated mouse IgG binding proteins for use in WB, IF, IHC and FCM applications. Mouse IgG binding proteins are highly specific and selective reagents that have been proven to provide strong signal with minimal background and are superior alternatives to conventional secondary antibodies. Mouse IgG binding proteins strongly bind to either IgGκ (98% of mAbs) or IgGλ (2% of mAbs) light chain immunoglobulins. Santa Cruz offers various mouse IgG binding protein conjugates as listed in the table below.



製品名 CATALOG # アプリケーション
m-IgGκ BP-HRP sc-516102 WB, IHC(P) (kappa)
m-IgGκ BP-HRP (CM) sc-516102-CM WB (kappa)
m-IgGκ BP-FITC sc-516140 IF, FCM (kappa)
m-IgGκ BP-PE sc-516141 IF, FCM (kappa)
m-IgGκ BP-B sc-516142 IHC(P) (kappa)
m-IgGκ BP-CFL 488 sc-516176 IF, FCM (kappa)
m-IgGκ BP-CFL 555 sc-516177 IF, FCM (kappa)
m-IgGκ BP-CFL 594 sc-516178 IF, FCM (kappa)
m-IgGκ BP-CFL 680 sc-516180 WB, IF, FCM (kappa)
m-IgGκ BP-CFL 790 sc-516181 WB, IF, FCM (kappa)
m-IgGλ BP-HRP sc-516132 WB (lambda)
m-IgGλ BP-HRP (CM) sc-516132-CM WB (lambda)
m-IgGλ BP-CFL 488 sc-516190 IF, FCM (lambda)
m-IgGλ BP-CFL 555 sc-516191 IF, FCM (lambda)
m-IgGλ BP-CFL 594 sc-516192 IF, FCM (lambda)
m-IgGλ BP-CFL 680 sc-516194 WB, IF, FCM (lambda)
m-IgGλ BP-CFL 790 sc-516195 WB, IF, FCM (lambda)











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