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SiliCycle社 New application note and webinar on scaling-up with E-PAK




Learn more about using E-PAK during the scale-up of purification steps.

Scaling-up purifications has never been so easy, at least when it comes to using E-PAK® cartridges

Our R&D team recently investigated the capabilities of the
E-PAK technology to remove Cu and Pd from a Sonogashira reaction at the pilot scale by using the parameters determined at the lab bench. Check out how straightforward the process was in Application Note EP007, where both SiliaCarb activated carbon and SiliaMetS metals scavengers were used to achieved up to 99% scavenging efficiency.

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Since we are on the subject of scaling-up,
sign-up to watch our new on-demand webinar that goes over how to use the new innovative technology to make the journey from lab scale to manufacturing plant as seamless as possible. Hosted by Product Manager William Sommer.

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