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Tocris Bioscience社 2012年11月新製品








New products are an essential component of our range. Introductions are made on an ongoing basis, with hundreds of new small molecules, peptides and antibodies being added every year. Our aim is to find the latest, otherwise unobtainable research tools, and bring them to the market as quickly as we can.



Cat.No. Product Name Activity
4718 Huwentoxin IV Selective NaV 1.7 channel blocker
4712 Salmeterol xinafoate Long-acting β2 agonist; bronchodilator
4665 ProTx I CaV3.1 channel blocker; also inhibits NaV1.8 and KV2.1
4619 Melphalan DNA alkylating agent; cytotoxic and antineoplastic
4534 CZC 54252 hydrochloride Potent LRRK2 inhibitor; neuroprotective
4436 8-Chloroadenosine Cytotoxic nucleoside analog; inhibits RNA synthesis
4128 Bisindolylmaleimide II Potent PKC inhibitor and nicotinic receptor antagonist
2792 Jasplakinolide Stabilizes F-actin; promotes actin polymerization
4651 JW 67 Wnt pathway inhibitor; induces degradation of active β-catenin
4646 Elacridar hydrochloride P-gp inhibitor
4644 CID 2011756 Pan protein kinase D (PKD) inhibitor; cell permeable
4609 BMS 303141 ATP citrate lyase inhibitor; orally bioavailable
4706 Borrelidin Antiangiogenic; inhibits threonyl-tRNA synthetase
4705 Chetomin Blocks interaction of HIF-1α, HIF-2α and STAT2 with CBP/p300
4703 3-Deazaneplanocin A hydrochloride Histone methyltransferase inhibitor
4683 RFRP 3 (human) NPFF1 agonist; GnIH homolog
4664 Obtustatin Potent and selective α1β1 inhibitor
4602 LDN 27219 Transglutaminase 2 (TG2) inhibitor; reversible
4323 VU 0360172 hydrochloride Positive allosteric modulator at mGlu5
4072 TCN 237 dihydrochloride Highly potent and selective NR2B antagonist
3602 W146 Potent and selective S1P1 receptor antagonist
4685 KL 001 Cryptochrome protein stabilizer; lengthens circadian period
4696 Eprosartan mesylate Potent and selective AT1 receptor antagonist
4684 Daminozide Selective histone demethylase KDM2/7 subfamily inhibitor
4656 (D)-(+)-Neopterin Stimulated by IFN-γ; marker of immune activation
4655 NSC 74859 Selective STAT3 inhibitor
4642 4-CMTB FFA2 agonist; also exhibits positive allosteric modulatory activity
4533 PTAC Muscarinic receptor ligand; exhibits partial agonist and antagonist activity at different subtypes
4510 SHA 68 Selective neuropeptide S receptor antagonist
4414 TP 003 Functionally selective GABAA receptor (α3 subtype) partial agonist




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