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Tocris Bioscience社 2013年4月新製品









 New products are an essential component of our range. Introductions are made on an ongoing basis, with hundreds of new small molecules, peptides and antibodies being added every year. Our aim is to find the latest, otherwise unobtainable research tools, and bring them to the market as quickly as we can.


Cat.No. Product Name Activity
4855 WIKI4 Tankyrase inhibitor; inhibits Wnt signaling
4847 PluriSln 1 Inhibitor of SCD1; selectively eliminates undifferentiated hPSCs from culture
4813 Paprotrain Reversible inhibitor of MKLP-2
4812 ADWX 1 Potent and selective KV1.3 channel blocker
4762 MIM1 Mcl-1 inhibitor; proapoptotic
4489 DBZ γ-secretease inhibitor; inhibits Notch pathway
4373 CMPDA Positive allosteric modulator of GluA2 receptors
3378 EIPA Inhibits TRPP3-mediated currents; also inhibits the Na+/H+ exchanger (NHE)
4782 Org 25543 hydrochloride Potent and selective GlyT2 inhibitor
4615 MEDICA 16 FFA1 (GPR40) agonist. Also inhibits ATP citrate lyase
3496 BX 471 Potent, selective CCR1 antagonist
3094 Flavopiridol hydrochloride Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor
4853 8-pCPT-2-O-Me-cAMP-AM Selective Epac activator; cell-permeable analog of 8CPT-2Me-cAMP (Cat. No. 1645)
4629 GSK2578215A Potent, selective LRRK2 inhibitor; brain penetrant
4863 CA 074 Selective cathepsin B inhibitor
4857 Amlexanox Inhibitor of TBK1 and IKKε; antiallergic agent
4852 Carbetocin Oxytocin analog
4823 PF 05212384 Potent and selective dual PI 3-kinase/mTOR inhibitor
4821 PF 03814735 Aurora kinase A and B inhibitor
4820 PF 04691502 Dual PI 3-K/mTOR inhibitor
4818 PF 04418948 Potent and selective EP2 receptor antagonist
4810 BAM 7 Selective Bax activator; induces Bax-mediated apoptosis
4565 ML 228 HIF pathway activator
3946 TNP Inhibitor of IP6K; also inhibits IP3K
4817 SKPin C1 Inhibits Skp2-mediated p27 degradation; induces cell cycle arrest
4757 Latanoprost FP prostaglandin receptor agonist; also exhibits agonist activity at EP1 and EP3 receptors




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