Fount of Information

Tocris Bioscience社 2013年6月新製品








New products are an essential component of our range. Introductions are made on an ongoing basis, with hundreds of new small molecules, peptides and antibodies being added every year. Our aim is to find the latest, otherwise unobtainable research tools, and bring them to the market as quickly as we can.


Cat.No. Product Name Activity
4935 Sulfasalazine Inhibitor of NF-κB activation; also inhibits SXC
4902 NSC 405020 Inhibitor of MT1-MMP; antitumor
4913 Jingzhaotoxin III Selective NaV1.5 channel blocker
4912 GsMTx4 TRPC1 and TRPC6 blocker; inhibits mechanosensitive ion channels
4911 GaTx2 High affinity, selective ClC-2 blocker; inhibits slow-gating
4901 Optovin Reversible photoactive TRPA1 activator
4795 Galloflavin Lactate dehydrogenase inhibitor; impairs aerobic glycolysis
4794 ZCL 278 Cdc42 inhibitor
4752 SA 57 Potent FAAH inhibitor
4630 SB 747651A dihydrochloride Potent MSK1 inhibitor; also inhibits other AGC group kinases
3580 HKI 357 Dual irreversible inhibitor of ErbB2 and EGFR
4920 Methoxy-X04 Fluorescent amyloid β detector; brain penetrant




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