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New products are an essential component of our range. Introductions are made on an ongoing basis, with hundreds of new small molecules, peptides and antibodies being added every year. Our aim is to find the latest, otherwise unobtainable research tools, and bring them to the market as quickly as we can.


Cat.No. Product Name Activity
5697 PMX 53c Negative control for PMX 53 (Cat. No. 5473)
5635 GSK 2801 Selective BAZ2A and BAZ2B inhibitor
5583 Quin C1 Potent and selective FPR2 agonist
5418 CYM 5520 Selective S1P2 allosteric agonist
5398 NQTrp Potent inhibitor of Aβ oligomer and fibril formation
5736 Aphidicolin DNA polymerase α, δ and ε inhibitor
5641 MSC 2032964A Potent and selective ASK1 inhibitor; orally bioavailable
5613 AZD 9272 Potent and selective mGlu5 antagonist; brain penetrant
5575 IQ 1S JNK inhibitor; anti-inflammatory
5495 CW 008 PKA signaling activator; promotes osteogenesis from hMSCs
5377 VU 0483605 Positive allosteric modulator at mGlu1
5037 Nepicastat hydrochloride Potent and selective dopamine β-hydroxylase (DBH) inhibitor; orally bioavailable
5716 PF 06447475 Potent LRRK2 inhibitor; neuroprotective
5712 4-ethynyl-N-ethyl-1,8-naphthalimide Click-activated fluorescent probe
5684 Naloxone 3-glucuronide carbonic acid salt Naloxone conjugate
5606 LOC14 High affinity protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) modulator
5549 Perlapine Potent and selective hM3Dq DREADD agonist
5517 AMG PERK 44 Potent and selective PERK inhibitor; orally bioavailable
5512 BIX NHE1 inhibitor Potent and selective NHE1 inhibitor
5471 CGP 60474 Potent dual cdk1/cdk2 inhibitor 
4845 A 939572 SCD1 inhibitor; induces cell death of undifferentiated human ESCs
5582 TAT-cyclo-CLLFVY Selective HIF-1 dimerization inhibitor
5559 SSR 180711 hydrochloride Partial agonist at α7 nAChR
5472 CGP 74514 dihydrochloride Potent cdk1 inhibitor





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