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Tocris Bioscience社 Exclusive! BromoTag(R) Degrader for Target Exploration and Validation




BromoTag® AGB1 is our new TAG Degrader licensed exclusively to Bio-Techne by the University of Dundee. TAG Degraders are valuable tools for validating targets and use a targeted protein degradation approach that is generalizable to any intracellular target protein.

To facilitate your experiments, we also offer the negative control (BromoTAG cis-AGB1, Cat. No. 7687) and the antibody for detection of BromoTag AGB1-induced degradation of fusion proteins.


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BromoTag AGB1

Key Features of BromoTag® AGB1

  • Highly selective and potent "Bump & Hole" TAG Degrader (DC50, 6h < 15nM)
  • Recruits VHL to selectively degrade proteins tagged with the mutant BromoTag domain, Brd4BD2 L387A
  • Suitable for in vitro and in vivo applications

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Watch our webinar to learn about the development of BromoTag. This Symposium also includes presentations from other leading scientists around hot topics in TPD research. 


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