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Innovative_chemical_tools_to_build_therapies_of_future_1.pngCheck out this month’s new product introductions from Tocris Bioscience or visit our website for the complete list. 

New Products Research Area/ Application Target Action
FITC-labelled Keap1-Nrf2 probe Targeted Protein Degradation;
TR-FRET and FP Assays 
Keap1 Fluorescent probe
SCOTfluor lactic acid probe 510 Fluorescence Imaging; Metabolism Lactic acid Fluorescent probe
VU 6028418 Neuroscience/ Dystonia M4 muscarinic acetylcholine receptors Antagonist
PT-65 Targeted Protein Degradation; Alzheimer’s Disease GSK3 Degrader
M4K2163 Cancer/ Glioma ALK2 Inhibitor


Updated Parkinson’s Disease Poster 


Brighten up your lab walls with this poster which summarizes the neurobiology and therapeutic strategies in Parkinson's disease research. Printed and online versions are both available. 


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