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Under the appropriate conditions pluripotent stem cells can be directed to differentiate into almost any specialized cell type. Differentiated cells can be used in a variety of applications, including drug screening, toxicity testing and disease modeling.

Tocris has a large range of small molecules available for use in differentiation protocols; check out the resources below to find out how they can be used to direct the differentiation of stem cells towards more specialized cell types.

Protocol Snapshot
Human iPSC-derived Myoblasts
Explore our Stem Cell Protocols that highlight how small molecules can be used, in combination with growth factors and other proteins, in stem cell culture, reprogramming and differentiation.

Neural Differentiation Blog Post

This blog post outlines the development of a small molecule-based protocol for the differentiation of human induced PSCs (hiPSCs) into functional cortical neurons.

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Stem Cell Differentiation Literature

Check out our range of scientific literature to support your stem cell research, including our Stem Cells and Differentiation wall poster and scientific review, both written by experts in the field.

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On-demand Webinar

Tools to Optimize Neural and Cardiac Differentiation from iPSCs; Predicting Variability and Characterizing Differentiation Efficiency

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Scientific Poster

Effects of Defined and Undefined Extracellular Matrices on Human iPSC Morphology, Expansion, and Differentiation

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