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Chemical Inducer of Protein Dimerization - AP 1903 

(Cat. No. 6130)

  • Protein dimerizer for use in FKBP fusion protein systems
  • Exhibits >50-fold selectivity for FKBPF36V over wild-type FKBP
  • Induces apoptosis in cells expressing FKBPF36V-Fas receptor intracellular domain fusion protein
  • Also induces apoptosis in inducible caspase 9 (iCas9) suicide gene system

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Potent CD38 Inhibitor  -
CD38 inhibitor 78c 
(Cat. No. 6391)

  • Potent CD38 (ADP ribosyl cyclase)      inhibitor (IC50 = 2 - 7 nM)
  • Catalyzes breakdown of NAD to nicotinamide and ADPR, and hydrolyzes NAADP to adenosine-5'-O-diphosphoribose phosphate
  • Improves glucose intolerance, cardiac function and improves physiological and metabolic parameters in old mice

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Potent BRD9 Degrader  -
(Cat. No. 6943)

  • Potent BRD9 degrader
  • Selectively binds to BRD9 and elicits near complete degradation at nanomolar concentrations
  • Inhibits growth of synovial sarcoma cells in vitro, and tumor progression in a synovial sarcoma xenograft mouse model

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Viral RNA-dependent RNA Polymerase Inhibitor  - Remdesivir (Cat. No. 7226)

  • Viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) inhibitor
  • Exhibits activity against a range of      viruses in vitro
  • Displays antiviral efficacy in animal      models of MERS-CoV and EBOV infection
  • Broad spectrum, antiviral nucleotide prodrug; metabolized to active form GS 441524 (Cat. No. 7227)

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Fluorescent dsDNA Probe  - Nucleic Acid Dye Green I  (Cat. No. 7246)

  • Cyanine dye that specifically binds to double stranded DNA (dsDNA)
  • Used in quantitative PCR protocols
  • Can also be used in Loop-Mediated      Isothermal Application (LAMP) assays
  • Excitation/emission maximum - 495/520 nm

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