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Dear Researcher,
Drug repurposing is an essential and universal strategy in the development of drugs during this current COVID-19 outbreak. Researchers across the globe are working on the development of candidate vaccines and therapeutics for an effective antiviral molecule. In this newsletter, we are showcasing some of our featured products which are helpful in the R&D of antiviral therapies and can be an essential tool to aid the researchers.

We hope that you find this newsletter to be a valuable source of information.

        Chloroquine Metabolite 

Desethyl Chloroquine

Catalog No: D288735

  • A major product of the stereoselective human metabolism of Chloroquine

        Remdesivir Metabolite

Remdesivir Carboxylic Acid

Catalog No: R530520

  • Major metabolite of Remdesivir (CAS#1809249-37-3) 
  • Remdesivir is currently under clinical trials for mild/ moderate respiratory infection caused by COVID19

        Fingolimod Impurity

Fingolimod Palmitate Amide

Catalog No: F342050

  • An impurity of Fingolimod (F805000, HCl salt); a novel immune modulator 
  • Currently under clinical trials for infection caused by COVID19

         Pirfenidone Metabolite 


Catalog No: C179020

  • A metabolite of Pirfenidone, which is currently under clinical trials for severe pneumonia caused by COVID19

        Cobicistat Isomer 


Catalog No: C633140

  • 5S-Cobicistat is an isomer of Cobicistat (C633150),
  • HIV protease inhibitor that has been coadministered with low-dose ritonavir as a pharmacoenhancer.


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