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Combating HIV/AIDS with mRNA Vaccines & CRISPR Gene Editing

According to UNAIDS data for 2020, there were 1.5 million new infections and 680,000 AIDS-related deaths globally with 38 million people living with HIV infection. This blog explores promising progress toward anti-HIV mRNA vaccines for prophylaxis and CRISPR-based gene editing of HIV proviral DNA as a cure. 





In Vivo of CAR T Cells Promises to Treat Cardiac Injury


Milli-injector Capsules Enable Dosing of Nucleic Acids

In many chronic heart diseases, activated fibroblasts fail to quiesce and instead continue secreting extracellular matrix, which can lead to fibrosis. To address this risk, researchers have developed a method for transiently producing functional antifibrotic CAR T cells in vivo using lipid nanoparticle (LNP) mRNA technology.​​​​


Nucleic acid therapeutics and vaccines hold vast potential for treating and preventing a broad range of diseases. However, their utility is currently limited by the need for injectable delivery. Learn more about how orally dosed mRNA nanoparticles could be applicable for human use in our Research Spotlight.








American Biomanufacturing Summit


The American Biomanufacturing Summit is designed to provide biopharmaceutical executives with current trends, strategic insights and best practices in manufacturing, outsourcing, capacity management, quality assurance, quality control, regulatory compliance, operational excellence, supply chain and logistics.

Come meet our TriLink team at booth #15.


Wednesday April 13 - Thursday April 14, 2022 PDT




TriLink Presentation @ World Vaccine Congress


The World Vaccine Congress is the largest, most established meeting dedicated to vaccines. From basic research to commercial manufacture, this one meeting covers the whole vaccine value chain.

TriLink is a proud silver sponsor of this event. You can find us at booth #103.

Don't miss out on our Sr. Director Quality Control, Khaled Yamout, who will speak about the quality considerations for mRNA vaccine development.


Thursday April 21, 2022,  9:40am ET

Thursday April 21, 2022,  10:40pm JST



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