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mRNA Vaccine for Protection Against Peanut Allergy Anaphylaxis

Peanut is one of the most prevalent food allergens, affecting ~2% of people worldwide, and is the leading source of food-induced severe allergic reactions, including fatal anaphylaxis. Peanut allergy, which typically manifests during childhood, has increased over the past three decades, tripling to 1.2 million children in the United States. Let's explore mRNA vaccines for protection against peanut allergy anaphylaxis in our blog.

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A novel dual AAV system enables therapeutically relevant prime editing mRNA vaccines offer protection against multidrug-resistant bacteria

Harvard University researchers have overcome the cargo size limits of AAVs to achieve therapeutically relevant prime editing in vivo. A new Nature publication describes how TriLink’s reagents supported this breakthrough.

A recent npj Vaccines publication describes the use of TriLink’s CleanCap® technology to develop a novel mRNA vaccine for Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a multidrug-resistant bacterium that poses a significant global threat.

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mRNA Process Development and Manufacturing Summit

The 2nd mRNA Process Development & Manufacturing Summit (Sep 26 - Sep 28) returns to Boston as the most comprehensive and technical industry-dedicated forum, to address key industry bottlenecks from securing quality starting materials, quality by design, and automated large-scale manufacturing, to ultimately reduce costs of mRNA production while harmonizing with regulatory expectations.  

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Date: Sep 28, 2023
Title: Discovery strategy framework to set you up for manufacturing success
Speaker: Linda Villa, Director of GMP Operations & Process Transfer, TriLink BioTechnologies

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