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Rare Disease Day - Six mRNA Therapeutics in Development

Even though each disease is rare in and of itself, patients with rare diseases are common, accounting for 4%–6% of the worldwide population or 260–450 million persons.
This blog post highlights progress made on mRNA-based protein replacement treatments for six rare diseases.

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Identifying an epicardial cell subset that drives cardiac repair


Continued innovation promises new and improved mRNA-based therapeutics

Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai used TriLink’s CleanCap® technology to identify an epicardial progenitor cell subpopulation that drives heart repair and regeneration in zebrafish.
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TriLink’s CleanCap® technology featured in a recent Nature Medicine review of mRNA nanomedicine, which highlights the importance of co-transcriptional capping to reduce unwanted immunostimulation and increase translation efficiencies.


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