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Self-Amplifying RNAs Continue to Change the Game in Vaccine Development

Advancements in self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) technology for COVID-19 vaccines showcase promising results, including the approval of the world's first saRNA vaccine in Japan. Studies further highlight the advantages of modified nucleosides in enhancing efficacy and reducing reactogenicity. These findings mark a significant milestone in saRNA-based vaccinology and offer a potential alternative to conventional mRNA.




In other research news 

February_TriLink_Messenger_3.jpgIn vivo prime editing achieved using lipid nanoparticles (LNPs)


For the first time, in vivo prime editing has been achieved using lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) as delivery systems. Discover how UMass Chan researchers used TriLink’s CleanCap® technology for this groundbreaking work.


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A novel mRNA delivery system offers organ-specific targeting


Learn how Stanford University researchers used TriLink’s mRNAs, which are capped with a CleanCap® analog and modified with 5-methoxyuridine, to develop an mRNA delivery system for improved transfection of primary T lymphocytes in vitro and highly selective organ tropism in vivo.


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February_TriLink_Messenger_5.jpgGetting started with mRNA — Increasing your probability for success


This webinar provides a timely introduction to the world of mRNA-based therapeutics, encompassing their design, synthesis, modifications, and applications. A deeper dive into the optimization of mRNA design and in vitro transcription processes will unveil strategies for streamlining mRNA manufacturing.


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Next-Generation mRNA design — Increasing mRNA potency with a new cap analog


This webinar discusses the latest progress in next-generation mRNA design. Attendees will learn about how major capping strategies differ in their manufacturing costs, time, complexity, and availability.


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February_TriLink_Messenger_7.jpgGetting started with mRNA-based therapeutics — Myths, considerations, and characterization


Watch this roundtable to explore mRNA challenges, including usability, stability, and technological limits. Gain insights into developmental considerations for clinic-bound constructs. Explore the crucial role of characterizing and analyzing mRNA in the early stages of development.


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Innovation in mRNA capping & streamlined process development for best-in-class mRNA manufacturing


Learn how next-generation capping strategies impact manufacturing costs, timelines, and complexity. We will address considerations for process development, synthesis, and scale-up to streamline the mRNA manufacturing process.


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February_TriLink_Messenger_9.jpgOvercoming critical barriers when developing mRNA-based cell therapies


This roundtable panel discusses critical barriers in the drug substance development process for mRNA-based cell therapies. It includes process development lessons learned, insights from analytical development programs, and how manufacturing innovations can help you navigate and overcome these key barriers.


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mRNA quality assessment and USP guidelines


Following the rapid and successful deployment of mRNA vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic, over 150 mRNA vaccines are in development. USP engaged with stakeholders in government, drug development, pharmaceutical companies and other experts to build consensus on relevant quality attributes for mRNA-based products and appropriate analytical methods.


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