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mRNAs manufactured with quality for robust performance

TriLink’s premade mRNAs are manufactured using leading-edge in vitro transcription (IVT) processes, including our proprietary CleanScript® method, that reduce double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) levels and enhance in vivo protein expression.

Standard analytical tests performed and provided on their certificates of analysis include:

  • Concentration determination by UV-Vis
  • Construct integrity by gel and capillary electrophoreses
  • Capping efficiency by capping assay

dsRNA level by dot blot

Discover the advantage

Three mRNA designs for diverse applications

CleanCap® mRNAs CleanCap® mRNAs (5moU) CleanCap® M6 mRNAs (N1MePsU)
CleanCap AG cap analog CleanCap AG cap analog CleanCap M6 cap analog
Unmodified uridines Uridines substituted with 5-methoxyuridines Uridines substituted with N1-methylpseudouridines
High protein expression High protein expression Higher protein expression
Normal reactogenicity Reduced reactogenicity Lowest reactogenicity

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