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mRNA Therapeutic for Treatment of Argininosuccinic Aciduria, an Inherited Rare Metabolic Disorder

Exploring groundbreaking advancements in treating Argininosuccinic aciduria (ASA), a rare metabolic disorder, this article highlights a collaborative effort by BioNTech SE and Genevant Sciences, including a 2023 Nobel laureate Katalin Karikó. The research delves into lipid nanoparticle-formulated mRNA therapies, showcasing promising results in enhancing safety, efficacy, and survival rates in mouse models, offering a potential breakthrough in ASA treatment.

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A novel mRNA delivery system offers organ-specific targeting

Learn how Stanford University researchers used TriLink’s mRNAs, which are capped with a CleanCap® analog and modified with 5-methoxyuridine, to develop an mRNA delivery system for improved transfection of primary T lymphocytes in vitro and highly selective organ tropism in vivo.

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Advances in mRNA nanotherapy

A new Nano Today review reports key milestones in mRNA nanotherapy, including the development of TriLink’s CleanCap® technology, which was used to cap the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Learn how TriLink’s CleanCap® technology is advancing the development of mRNA nanotherapies.

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Get all your questions answered in our CleanCap® video series 

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mRNA caps and CleanCap® technology

Learn about mRNA capping, differences in the mRNA capping methods, and how CleanCap® technology can accelerate the development of your mRNA, cell, and gene therapies.

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Benefits of CleanCap® technology

Hear how CleanCap® technology streamlines the mRNA capping process and how TriLink BioTechnologies is working on innovations for cap analogs.

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Innovations in CleanCap® technology

TriLink BioTechnologies is committed to innovating better versions of CleanCap® cap analogs to help our partners come up with better vaccines and treatments.

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