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Universal flu vaccine—Multivalent mRNA vaccine for all known seasonal influenza viruses

Worldwide, annual flu epidemics are estimated to result in ~3 to 5 million cases of severe illness, and ~290,000 to 650,000 respiratory deaths. The average flu vaccine efficacy is only ~40%. An effective universal mRNA flu vaccine could protect its recipients against a wide variety of strains, increasing its efficacy.

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An mRNA vaccine targeting a bacterial protein protects mice against lyme disease A novel dual AAV system enables therapeutically relevant prime editing

The global impact of Lyme Disease could soon be reduced following reports that an mRNA-LNP vaccine developed using TriLink’s CleanCap® capping technology and m1Ψ-5’-triphosphate protects mice against B. burgdorferi infection.

Harvard University researchers have overcome the cargo size limits of AAVs to achieve therapeutically relevant prime editing in vivo. A new Nature publication describes how TriLink’s reagents supported this breakthrough.

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GEN webinar: Getting started with mRNA — Increasing your probability for success

This webinar will provide a timely introduction to the world of mRNA-based therapeutics, encompassing their design, synthesis, modifications, and applications. A deeper dive into the optimization of mRNA design and in vitro transcription processes will unveil strategies for streamlining mRNA manufacturing. Whether you're new to mRNA research or seeking to enhance your existing knowledge, this webinar will equip you with the tools and insights needed to accelerate your journey toward successful mRNA-based projects.  

Date: Sep 18, 2023
Time: 8:00 a.m. PT / 11:00 a.m. ET / 17:00 CET
Title: Getting started with mRNA — Increasing your probability for success
Speaker: Jordana Henderson, Associate Director of Technical Design, TriLink BioTechnologies

mRNA Process Development and Manufacturing Summit

The 2nd mRNA Process Development & Manufacturing Summit (Sep 26 - Sep 28) returns to Boston as the most comprehensive and technical industry-dedicated forum, to address key industry bottlenecks from securing quality starting materials, quality by design, and automated large-scale manufacturing, to ultimately reduce costs of mRNA production while harmonizing with regulatory expectations.  

Featured Presentation

Date: Sep 28, 2023
Title: Discovery strategy framework to set you up for manufacturing success
Speaker: Linda Villa, Director of GMP Operations & Process Transfer, TriLink BioTechnologies

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