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New Publication on Cap 1 Messenger RNA Synthesis

A recent TriLink publication in Current Protocols offers a step-by-step protocol for the synthesis of Cap 1 mRNA with CleanCap® co-transcriptional capping. Unlike legacy cap analogs or enzymatic capping, CleanCap streamlines mRNA manufacturing by producing the desirable Cap 1 structure with a one-pot synthesis. Cap 1 Messenger RNA Synthesis with Co‐transcriptional CleanCap® Analog by In Vitro Transcription details the requirements and methodology to use CleanCap in your own lab.


CleanCap: The Next Generation in mRNA Capping Technology

Leading industry and academic programs choose CleanCap for their mRNA vaccines and therapeutics. See how CleanCap can benefit your mRNA manufacturing program:

  • Natural Cap 1 structure
  • Streamlined manufacturing via co-transcriptional capping
  • Higher yield of capped mRNA compared to legacy cap analogs

Unlock superior performance and acceleration with CleanCap.


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