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mRNA Vaccines – A New Era in Vaccinology

mRNA vaccines, propelled into public view in 2020 by their development for COVID-19, have actually had a relatively prolonged incubation period. While the first evidence for an mRNA vaccine dates back to a report by Martinon et al. in 1993, subsequent scientific progress was slow in the NIH’s PubMed database. More specifically, these articles did not appear until 2004 (Pascolo and collaborators; Cannon and Weissman), were followed by one in 2010 (Weiss et al.), and then several more per year until about 2015, when the number of annual reports noticeably increased... 


Your Partner for mRNA Vaccine Development

The recent clinical success of mRNA vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 paves the way for future vaccine development. Whether you are in the discovery phase or nearing GMP manufacturing, TriLink offers a solution to fit your mRNA vaccine program:

·    Plasmid manufacturing for use as an IVT template

·    Custom mRNA synthesis from RUO through GMP grade

·    CleanCap® capping technology for non-replicating mRNA and self-amplifying mRNA

Learn more about how TriLink can support your vaccine development program.

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