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mRNA-based Therapy for Hereditary Tyrosinemia Type 1 

It is estimated that around 1 in 100,000 adults suffer from Hereditary Tyrosinemia Type 1, a recessive genetic disease of amino acid metabolism.The current standard of care for HT1 involves taking an oral drug, NTBC, which some patients fail to respond to. In this month's Zon blog we are investigating an alternative treatment option that replaces NTBC treatment with the administration of mRNA encoding the wild-type mRNA for FAH.

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Image1.pngIndividualized self-amplifying mRNA neoantigen vaccines promise improved outcomes for cancer patients
Image2.pngmRNA pioneers: Deserving candidates for a Nobel Prize
TriLink recently manufactured self-amplifying mRNA for a phase I clinical trial, which showed that individualized, T cell inducing vaccines improved outcomes for cancer patients when administered with checkpoint inhibitor therapies. Find out more in our research spotlight.
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A recent review article points to several mRNA pioneers as deserving candidates for a Nobel Prize and highlights the value of TriLink’s CleanCap® reagent for rapidly producing mRNA in large quantities. Find out more in our latest research spotlight. 


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