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TriLink BioTechnologies社 Research Update: As the World Waits: Development of mRNA Vaccines




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As the World Waits: Development of mRNA Vaccines

Hope for managing the COVID-19 pandemic lies with the development of an effective vaccine against the virus. A recent review by Wadhwa and colleagues concisely describes the current opportunities and challenges facing mRNA vaccine development. Although there are many factors to consider, TriLink’s products are widely applicable to mRNA vaccines.


Vaccines are used globally for prophylactic infectious disease treatment. They expose an individual to a weakened, non-active or partial version of the disease-causing pathogen in order to elicit an immune response. This allows for heightened protection if the actual pathogen is ever contracted. Vaccination has resulted in the essential eradication of smallpox, tetanus, and polio, among other diseases. Today, vaccines are classified based on their design as live-attenuated, inactivated, toxoid, subunit, or nucleic acid-based vaccines...



Capping Technology for Rapid mRNA Vaccine Development


CleanCap® AU is now available as both a reagent and custom mRNA solution to incorporate into self-amplifying (self-replicating) RNA vaccine development programs. Proper mRNA capping is critical to the production of the most biologically active mRNA. Compared to traditional capping methods, CleanCap AU demonstrates superior mRNA capping performance and streamlines manufacturing.

With the introduction of CleanCap AU we now offer a novel mRNA manufacturing solution for rapid vaccine development. 

  • Yields the authentic alphavirus 5’ end sequence
  • Maintains high capping efficiency (>95%)
  • Delivers 3x the yield of legacy co-transcription capping methods (~4 mg/mL), reducing overall mRNA manufacturing costs
  • One pot synthesis - no need for a purification step
  • Scale-up from discovery to clinical applications

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