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Research News

September_TriLink_Messenger_3.pngAdvances in Cancer CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy Using IVT-mRNA

T cells are immune cells crucial for human immune system surveillance, including rejecting oncogenic tumors. Let's explore the advances in cancer CAR T-Cell immunotherapy using IVT-mRNA in the latest 'Zone In With Zon' blog post.


mRNA pioneers: Deserving candidates for a Nobel Prize


A long-acting form of Interleukin-7 improves CAR T cell activity

A recent review article points to several mRNA pioneers as deserving candidates for a Nobel Prize and highlights the value of TriLink’s CleanCap® reagent for rapidly producing mRNA in large quantities. Find out more in our latest research spotlight.



Co-treatment with a long-acting form of IL-7 and CAR T cell therapy in mouse models promises improved outcomes for patients with B cell malignancies. Learn how TriLink’s custom-made gRNA and Cas9 mRNA contributed to this discovery in our latest research spotlight.


Upcoming Events

September_TriLink_Messenger_6.jpgTreating Viral Infections with mRNA-Encoded Cas13

In this third-of-the-series webinar, which GEN and The CRISPR Journal are co-hosting, our distinguished speaker will be Dr. Philip Santangelo, will introduce important aspects of how to use mRNA to express Cas13 and use it as an antiviral agent. Additionally, Dr. Santangelo will discuss guide design, screening, the importance of controls, and how to apply this approach in vivo against multiple pathogens.


Friday September 30, 2022, 11 a.m. ET

日本時間 10月1日土曜日 午前0時


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