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...You’ll confidently publish with CleanCap® technology. In fact, more than 700 publications, across a number of therapeutic areas, and in high-impact journals, cite CleanCap reagent. Here are just a few examples of how CleanCap is helping researchers move their mRNA-based therapeutic one step closer to the clinic.


Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University demonstrate that LNP-mRNA vaccines elicit memory CD8 T cells in a mouse model of smallpox to protect from lethal viral challenge. Paper1.png


Paper2.png Walter Reed Army Institute of Research designs an mRNA vaccine against malaria based on an immunodominant Plasmodium falciparum coat protein that shows sterilizing immunity in mice.


Researchers at Beam Therapeutics design a set of novel IBEs to increase the breadth of potential base-editing targets and the editing precision of a sickle cell disease mutation in patient-derived hematopoietic stem cells. Paper3.png


Paper4.png BioNTech presents data showing antibody and T cell responses after vaccination with BNT162b1 from a second, non-randomized open-label phase I/II trial.



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