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Specificity Enhancement of PCR and Other DNA Polymerization Using Phosphorothioate-Modified dNTPs

DNA plays a central role in biology, and enzyme-mediated DNA polymerization of 2’-deoxynucleotide 5’-triphosphate (dNTP) monomers is one of the most thoroughly investigated processes in molecular biology. The applications of enzymatic DNA polymerization are numerous and powerful, extending to PCR, gene cloning, and nucleic acid detection. Collectively, these account for the steady increase in the huge volume of literature (>500,000 items) published over the past 50 years...



CleanAmp®: The Next Generation in Hot Start PCR

TriLink’s CleanAmp technology is the solution for researchers seeking to improve their Hot Start PCR specificity and eliminate off-target amplicon formation. CleanAmp is available in a variety of dNTP and master mix formats, enabling assay customization or pre-mixed convenience.
  • Improved specificity and reduced off-target amplicon formation
  • Validated for use with many common PCR systems
  • Compatible with Hot Start and non-Hot Start DNA polymerases

Find out how CleanAmp can improve your Hot Start PCR:



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