About Us


Greetings from the President

The history of Nacalai Tesque dates back to the foundation of Nakarai Mansuke Shoten, an apothecary selling oriental medicines, in 1846.

They split their reagent department off and founded Nacalai Chemicals, Ltd. in 1958. Then, the company changed its corporate name to Nacalai Tesque, Inc. in 1988.

We have had many challenges since we entered the reagent industry: manufacturing reagents of our own brand; establishing a nationwide sales network; starting an R&D department; founding a subsidiary abroad; expanding our imported product lineup; producing e-Nacalai, our e-commerce site; and building an advanced logistics management system.

Although our activities may seem diverse, they are all products of a simple policy: to contribute to the development of the academic and industrial world, and to be trusted by our customers in all of their endeavors.

We sincerely face and meet the needs of our customers, and pledge to continue making progress.

Dai Nakarai