About Us

Our History

1846 Founder Mansuke Nakarai started pharmacy at the present location.
1908 Imported chemicals directly from Germany.
1934 Founded MANSUKE NAKARAl, INC.
1958 Founded NAKARAI CHEMICALS, LTD.,which devel- oped independently from the MANSUKE NAKARAl's reagent department.
Paid-up capital -\4,500,000.
1965 Osaka Office was opened.
Paid-up capital increased to \13,500,000.
1968 Kyoto-minami Factory was built.
Tokyo Office was opened.
Paid-up capital increased to \27,000,000.
1973 Fukuoka Office was opened.
Paid-up capital increased to \57,000,000.
1976 Minami Office was opened.
1977 Paid-up capital increased to \82,000,000.
1978 Shiga Office was opened.
1979 Paid-up capital increased to \89,000,000.
1982 Kobe Office was opened.
1983 Kyoto Factory was built.
1984 Paid-up capital increased to \130,000,000.
1985 Paid-up capital increased to \260,000,000.
1987 A research laboratory was built.
Keihanna Office was opened.
1988 The corporate name was changed to NACALAl TESQUE,INC.
Saitama Office was opened.
1996 Kanagawa Office was opened.
1998 Storage and Distribution Centre was opened.
1999 Kyoto Factory is an ISO 9002.certified.
2002 Kyoto Factory is an ISO 9001.certified.
2003 Minami Office is an ISO 14001.certified.
2004 Kyoto Factory is an ISO 14001.certified.
2005 Founded NACALAl USA,INC.
2012 Taishin Chemistry Inc. was absorbed into Nacalai Tesque, Inc.,
and started operations as Sendai office.
2016 Kyoto Logistics Center was opened.
2017 Atsugi Office was opened.
Chiba Office was opened.