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Basic policies for Personal Information

This web site is operated by Nacalai Tesque, Inc (here in after "We"). The purpose of this Website is to provide information about our products and services. Please read the following Site Policy and use this website only if you agree to the terms of use set forth herein

Protection of Personal Information

We make effort to protect personal information through constructing secure corporate Information management system and through employee education, for the protection from illegal access, disclosure, loss or damage as well as maintaining accuracy of such information and updated.

Provision of Personal Information

Covered personal information is customer's name, company, affiliation, position, address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number and so on.When the website requests the user to provide personal information, the uses to which that information is to be put will always be clearly stated, and any information provided will not be used for any other purpose. In addition, personal information provided by customers will never be supplied to third parties without permission. Note, however that this does not apply in the following cases:

  • If the customer has agreed to disclosure of personal information.
  • If disclosure of personal information is required by law or in response to a request by government authorities.
  • When it is judged to be necessary to protect profit and trust of customer.

In such cases the personal information disclosed will be limited to the minimum necessary and the companies

Change of this paragraph

We make effort to improve protection personal information. According with it, the contents of the website are change or termination. Up to that point, we think customers are in agreement.We continue to review and make efforts to improve the above items with our compliance program.When we revise the policy on the website, we will inform on this page.


The content, etc., of the website is protected by copyright held be us and third parties provided of information. Users of the website may only reproduce this content by downloading, etc., limited to personal or home use, and activities pursuant to those. Adaptation, public transmission, etc., of the content, etc., of the website, for any purpose and in any form, is prohibited without permission of the copyright holder.

Link of the web site

Before linking to the website, please contact us. However we may refuse request to link to the web site in some cases.And we disclaim all responsibility for the contents of other sites linked to from our website.

Unit pricing

Unit price is written by Japanese Yen of the website.


We make no guarantee as to the accuracy, usefulness, or reliability of the content and other information appearing on the website. We disclaim all responsibility for any loss or damage that may result from the website's content, etc.The terms of use and content, etc., of the web site are subject to change or termination without notice. In addition, the operation of the website may be interrupted or terminated without notice.

Limitations on use of the website

We prohibit to use and to provide the harmful program or at risk like computer viruses. We work out strict measures, however we disclaim all responsibility for any loss or damage that may result whatever reason from accessing the website.