Performance Guarantee and Validation Kits

Guaranteed Packing Materials

The strict quality control system of Nacalai Tesque supports customers with an individual Inspection Report, which accompanies each and every COSMOSIL, COSMOGEL, and COSMOCORE packed column (except guard columns), and an additional Certificate of Analysis for the packing material of the below products.

Columns for Validation

The below columns are available in 3-lot method validation kits to demonstrate high reproducibility. Please contact us for information on other products.

Product Name Product No. Column Size
COSMOSIL 5C18-MS-II 38019-81 4.6 mm l.D. x 150 mm
38020-41 4.6 mm l.D. x 250 mm
COSMOSIL 5C18-AR-II 38144-31 4.6 mm l.D. x 150 mm
38145-21 4.6 mm l.D. x 250 mm
COSMOSIL 3C18-EB 09841-91 4.6 mm l.D. x 75 mm
09842-81 4.6 mm l.D. x 100 mm
09843-71 4.6 mm l.D. x 150 mm
COSMOSIL Cholester 05976-61 4.6 mm l.D. x 150 mm
05977-51 4.6 mm l.D. x 250 mm
COSMOSIL HILIC 07056-51 4.6 mm l.D. x 150 mm
07057-41 4.6 mm l.D. x 250 mm

COSMOSIL Certificate of Analysis

Tested items include physical properties of the silica gel, carbon content, metal content, polar selectivity, hydrophobicity, silanol capacity, steric selectivity, and inertness to basic and chelating compounds.

Certificate of Analysis for 5C18-MS-II

Guaranteed Quality

The Inspection Report is included with every COSMOSIL packed column to guarantee high quality. You can use our strictly controlled products with confidence.

Sample Inspection Report

Inspected Items

  • Theoretical plate number
  • Peak asymmetry
  • Capacity factor
  • Separation factor
  • Pressure

Legacy Products

A period of more than 30 years has passed since the first COSMOSIL 5C18 columns were developed. Continuous technical improvement has made many of these columns obsolete. However, many long-term users continue to employ these older columns for routine analysis and quality control. Nevertheless, the manufacture of these products will eventually cease, and we strongly urge customers to replace these legacy columns with their higher-performance equivalents outlined in the table below.

Legacy Product New High-Performance Product
5C18-AR 5C18-AR-II
5C18 5C18-MS-II
5C18-MS 5C18-MS-II
5C18-P 5C18-PAQ
5C18-P-MS 5C18-PAQ
5C8 5C8-MS
5NH2 5NH2-MS
5C18-300 5C18-AR-300
5C8-300 5C8-AR-300
5C4-300 5C4-AR-300