Instrument Settings for COSMOCORE Columns

Using COSMOCORE columns with a conventional (non-UHPLC) instrument

COSMOCORE columns are designed for use with UHPLC instruments. In addition, due to their low backpressure, they can be used with conventional instruments. However, it is necessary to change the following settings.

Instrument Settings

Detector Response Time

Because UHPLC analyses are done at high flow rates, a slow response time can adversely affect peak shape. We recommend setting the response time to 0.1 sec or less.

detector response time

Other Instrument Parameters

UHPLC is more vulnerable to the effects of dead volume than conventional chromatography. When using a 2.1 mm I.D. column, please use a semi-micro detector cell, injector, and piping (0.1 mm).

semi-micro vs. standard

Fittings and Adapters

COSMOCORE columns use the same connectors as Waters UPLC® (UHPLC) columns. This is different from our conventional COSMOSIL columns, which use the conventional Waters HPLC-compatible connectors.
UPLC® is a registered trademark of Waters Corporation.

Differences between End Fittings

HPLC: Conventional Waters-compatible connector
UHPLC: Waters UPLC®-compatible connector

Connection Type Column
Instrument HPLC No adapter required Adapter required
UHPLC Adapter required No adapter required
Connector Shape 3.3 mm tube length 2.3 mm tube length

The length of tubing that extends from the ferrule differs from HPLC to UHPLC.

COSMOCORE-Compatible Fittings

  1. UHPLC instrument fittings
    No adapter needed; just connect as-is.

  2. HPLC instrument fittings
    An adapter or movable (high-pressure) fitting is required to connect the column. See examples for different fitting types below.

    SUS ferrules (HPLC) fixed on the tubing
    The column can be connected by using an adapter (SUS union + tubing fixed to UHPLC length). SUS union

    PEEK fittings
    PEEK fittings do not fix the length of tubing at the end, so they can be used with both types of column. However, please be cautious of their pressure tolerance.

    PEEK fittings

Ordering Information

  • Adapter List
    Product Name Description P/N PKG size
    Low & Zero Dead Volume Union Material: SUS
    Bore diameter: 0.35 mm
    P0402 1 PKG
    COSMOSIL Column Connecting Tube I.D.: 0.1 mm 12570-41 1 PKG
    I.D.: 0.25 mm 37843-69 1 PKG
  • UHPLC-Compatible Prefilter
    Product Name In Out Description P/N PKG size
    U-Fil UHPLC-Compatible Prefilter UHPLC UHPLC Filter: 0.5 µm
    Tubing connecting diameter: 1/16 in.
    12571-31 1 SET
    HPLC UHPLC 12572-21 1 SET
    U-Fil Replacement Filter Filter: 0.5 µm
    Material: SUS316L
    15767-91 5 units/PKG